Contoh Surat Resign Bahasa Inggris Yang Benar & Sopan

Contoh surat resign / pengunduran diri bahasa inggris dengan contoh nama atasan / manager

December 17, 2016


To: Ms. Kristine Joanne

Supply Chain Manager

Universal Robina Corporation


Cc: Ging C. Casiano

Human Resources Manager

Universal Robina Corporation


Dear Ms. Joanne:


I would like to inform you my irrevocable resignation from my position as Programmer of Universal Robina Corporation, effective January 07, 2017.

It is a great opportunity working at Universal Robina Corporation considering the fact that I have no enough knowledge regarding my position and still giving me the chance to work at Universal Robina Corporation. I enjoyed with your company with great people around me but thins wouldn’t work out the way I wanted to be. That is why I’m leaving my positionand take new challenges and phase of my career.

Thank you for opportunity as well as the knowledge that you provided me during the last ten months.



Leonardo Adelaide

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