Contoh Recount Text Panjang Holiday For Junior High School

Contoh Recount Text Panjang Holiday For Junior High School – Sebelumnya telah kita bahas beberapa contoh recount text singkat dan pendek beserta structure genericnya. Buat kalian yang masih kurang dan ingin dibuatkan recount text yang panjang lebih dari 300 maka kali ini saya akan bagikan 2 contoh recount text holiday.

Contoh recount text panjang pengalaman pribadi liburan / holiday ke museum for junior high school

Last Friday we went to the museum. There were four people in my group. We drove to the train station and caught the 8 o’clock train. When we got off the train it was pouring with rain.

First, we met our museum guide. He took us in the dinosaur exhibition. They were only prented dinosaurs and the walls were fake, b ut they looked awesome and made loud, scary, roaring noises.

Next, Mr. Smith took us to where the games were. First, my group played hidden tombs. It was easy. All you had to do was following the clues to get through the pyramid maze. I found the first tomb.

After that, we went into a room to have our luch while we watched a video about mummies. Mrs. Assiz gave us a sheet to do. When we finished, we went to see real mummies.

When we returned to school, it was time to go home. I loved going to the museum. It was the best excursion I have ever been on.

Mungkin contoh recount text panjang dibawah ini lebih panjang jika dibandingkan dengan yang bawah, silahkan gunakan dengan bijak.

Contoh recount text panjang pengalaman pribadi for junior high school dengan generic structure

(Orientation) When I was in junior high school, I was not a very diligent student. In fact, I was quite lazy. I hated all the subject that I took during school, especially science. For me science was very difficult. It was hard for me to remember the chemical processes, physics calculations and biological processes. Once, my teacher grounded me in the library because I did not do my biology homework. The teacher asked me to read several books and make summary about them. When I was browsing the shelves, I found a book title “the inventors of medicine”. I thought “Ok. This is a start”. I took it out then began reading it.

(Events) I learned form the book about edwar jenner. He was an english doctor who found the cure for smallpox. The next one was louis pasteur. His interest in bacteria led him discover the treatment for rabies and anthrax. Just like pasteur, robert koch’s experiment on bacteria also proved that tuberculosis can be spread to other by contact. Finally, there was alexander flemming, a british bacteriologist who found the first antibiotic and penicilin.

(Reorientation) After I read the book, I realized that science is useful for human kind. By studying, we can discover things that can help human kind. Therefore, since that moment, I managed to change my behavior and became a doctor.

Nah demikianlah tadi diatas 2 contoh recount text panjang tentang liburan dan pengalaman pribadi for junior high school, yang mungkin bisa berguna buat referensi ataupun tugas bahas inggris kalian.